• J. Williams

Does it matter HOW you get switched on?

Our home is our castle. We spend a lot of time there (especially now during Covid-19), so we really want to pay attention to the detail around us.

A lot of people are taking this time at home to look more closely at the rooms we are spending our days in.

When you’re thinking of making changes, sometimes small things can have a big impact. Re-arranging the furniture, adding some plants, a throw cushion or two…

What about your light switches and outlets? Sounds silly, I know, but if you’re going to the trouble of painting a room or even building a new one, consider updating the wall furniture too.

You may not be aware of what has been going on in the switch world, these ever-present devices that we take for granted. You can do much better than just the basic white.

Gray as a designer colour has been trending for a good 4-5 years now and is showing no real sign of going away. It’s neutral without being boring and blends with just about everything.

Then there are the whites, the off-whites, the colours and oh, the bling! Glass!

If you want to really ramp up the juice-iness (yup, I just made that spelling up) you can add USB connections to your powerpoints which would free up a few powerboards in my house, and probably yours.

Then you have the really sexy stuff that you would save for the really important places where you want to make a good impression – push button and back-lit light switches. Love ‘em.

Little things can make a real difference. Think about changing over your wall furniture and see a real transformation. It will make for beautiful finishing touches.

As they say, God is in the details. (Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe 1886-1969)

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